The nonprofit organization Kamiechigo Yamazato Fun Club (hereinafter, this Organization) conducts various activities that utilize local resources, fostering an abundant regional culture through “protecting, developing and creating” local nature, landscape, culture and industry. In the promotion of such activities, we consider information that identifies individuals (hereinafter, personal data) is important and valued information for our customers.

At this Organization, we consider that appropriate management and protection of the valuable information entrusted to us by our customers is a social responsibility in modern times. We have stipulated the following Policy on Protection of Personal Data for the thorough implementation of such appropriate management and administration, and will endeavor to handle personal data in accordance with this Policy.

  • This Organization shall obey the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws and standards.
  • This Organization shall establish a management system in relation to personal data, and all directors and members shall endeavor to thoroughly observe our regulations.
  • This Organization shall handle personal data within the scope of the purpose of use specified to our customers. Furthermore, this Organization shall not disclose or supply such personal data, provided to us by our customers, to third parties, with the exception of cases in which the customer has agreed, or in which there are justifiable grounds.
  • This Organization shall store personal data correctly and in the newest state, as well as endeavoring to prevent unlawful access, loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of personal data.
  • This Organization shall respond honestly and speedily to customer inquiries, requests for disclosure etc., in relation to personal data.

Nonprofit Organization Kamiechigo Yamazato Fun Club

◎Purpose of Use of Personal Data

The purpose of use of personal data shall be to achieve the following objectives.

  • Responding to inquiries, etc.
  • Receiving orders and dispatching items for sale.
  • Collection of information in relation to event participation, etc.
  • Collection of information in relation to recruiting volunteers, etc.
  • Collection of information in relation to recruiting members, etc.

◎Management of Personal Data

A staff member responsible for the management of personal data shall be appointed, their role shall be clarified, and an environment shall be prepared in order for the said staff member to appropriately conduct actions in relation to the protection of personal data.

◎Provision of Personal Data

Personal data shall not be provided to third parties except in the following cases.

  • Cases in which the customer has agreed
  • Cases that are required by law, etc.
  • Cases in which this Organization entrusts operations to a contractor (such cases shall be in accordance with following item, “Depositing of Personal Data”)

◎Depositing of Personal Data

During project management, operations may be partially outsourced in order to provide a better service to our customers, and personal data may be deposited with such contractors. In such cases, a contractor deemed to handle personal data appropriately shall be selected, the matters necessary to prevent leakage of personal data through appropriate management and confidentiality of personal data shall be agreed via contract, etc., and appropriate management shall be implemented.

◎Release/Updating of Personal Data

This Organization shall release, correct or delete personal data within the scope of reasonability, in cases where the customer personally requests release, correction or deletion of the personal data entrusted to us by the customer. However, this shall not apply to cases in which there is a risk of harm to other customers’ life, body, property or other interests, or in cases that are deemed to significantly obstruct this Organization’s execution of duties.

Furthermore, in cases that are determined by law or other regulations, this Organization shall respond appropriately in accordance with the relevant laws.

◎Contact for Inquiries

Inquiries related to personal data are accepted at the following contact address.

NPO Kamiechigo Yamazato Fun Club
962-1, Oaza Masuzawa, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, 949-1734
Tel.: 025-541-2602 Mail: